G R A N D  P R I X   B R N O

Capris on the racering

racering after 1964...

... and after 1975 year. End of the glory was in the 1986.

May 24-th, 1970  Two Capris with Manfred Mohr-Jürg Dubler and Dieter Glemser drivers. No victory for this year...


May 23-rd, 1971  Dieter Glemser on the Capri RS won II. a III. group race with average speed 158,66 km/h.


May 21-st,  1972  Two blue/white warrior paint-scheme Capris RS (Glemser and Mass) with Weslake engines 2940 ccm (310 horsepower - 250 km/h) were champions for group 3. Group 2 winner was Birell on Escort RS 1600.


May 16th, 1976  This year was in the name of new FIA rules. Doors for more competitors was opened. Third division winner was Hinz-Siller crew with Ford Capri, BMW ended on the second and third place.

June 5-th, 1977  Comeback for the Ford Capri, crew Siller-Pöschko ended on the 3. place in group IV. (up to  3000 ccm).

June 18-th, 1978  First three places occupied by the three-litre Capris S / RS.

July 18-th, 1979 Escorts MkII Zakspeed finished on the first places for the group IV. and V.

June 14-th, 1981 Two hundred cars on the start-line. Ford Capri MkIII car with number "14" driven by German trio Müller-Ringhausen-Denzel was a group IV winner with the average speed 160,18 km/h.

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