H O T  T I P S  &  T R I C K S

Regarding that Capri are not so deeprooted in Czech Republic as in others European countries, this page is mainly for the Czech Capri owners. If you are looking for a good advice, don't omit Mark Swetnam's pages (see at links).

So, in next table you can appoint month and year in which your capri was assembled. Typical car number are follows:


The first pair of letters indicates the country and plant in which the car was built: B for Britain, G for Germany, then B for Halewood, C for Cologne and A for Saarlouis. The second pair of letters indicate that it's a Capri with a two-door coupé body again, and the third pair, as shown in the chart at the top of this page, the precise month and year of production. The vehicle's unique serial number, which follows immediately afterwards, is always a five-digit number between 10001 and 99999.

More informations you can acquire from that books:

Chris Horton - Ford Capri high performance models 1969-1987 (English)
Haynes - Capri purchase and restoration (English)
Johannes Kuhny - Das Ford Capri Buch (German)
Günter Ulfik - Das grosse Ford-Capri Buch (German)

Electricity in V6 Capri S by Haynes :



Last updated: 13-11-2002